Using Aires

Aires symbolise the freedom of motorhoming. You are welcomed into local communities, where you can stay overnight at unique locations only available to motorhome travellers. These are a luxury, not a right, so park your campervan sympathetically to your neighbours, use the service point and facilities responsibly and always abide by the RESPECT rules:

  • Respect the environment
  • Elect to use uncrowded Aires
  • Shop Locally
  • Park responsibly
  • Exercise courteous behaviour
  • Communicate with others
  • Totally abide by these rules

Responsible use of campervan Aires is vital so that local mayors keep them open; use them, but don't abuse them. Municipal motorhome Aires are paid for by the local community, so repay this service by spending freely in the local shops, restaurants or garages. Rules vary slightly from country to country, but predominantly only motorhomes can use the motorhome stopovers. The law only permits 'Self Contained' motorhomes to be parked responsibly and their users to cook and sleep within them. A self-contained motorhome needs to have a toilet, water container for both fresh and waste water attached to or inside the vehicle, and you must be able to cook and sleep inside the vehicle. The law does not allow for camping, for example winding out awnings and putting out tables and chairs, or erecting a tent. If you want to camp, use a campsite.

Motorhome Aires operate on a first come, first served basis. It is not possible to reserve a space for your motorhome. Always park in designated bays if provided and never obstruct roadways or motorhome service points. If the motorhome Aire is full, find another one.